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"derived from the Greek word 'monokerōs' which means 'one horn', depicted as a mythical creature with the body of a horse a single horn on its head"
In the last three years, Web 3.0 and Blockchain technology has rapidly penetrated various fields, especially in the field of finance with the start of the 2020 DeFi Summer. The multiple benefits far exceeding the returns from traditional finance attracted many investors to invest their capital until finally reaching 44 billion dollars (based on accumulated across all blockchain protocols, in various types of Web 3.0 financial applications (DeFi)
The largest contribution to the total pool came from the DeFi application in type of Decentralized Exchange (DEX) : 15 billion dollars. DEX bring benefits to investors through a liquidity mining program where investor contributions to increase exchange liquidity will get returns from each swap transaction, and even more benefits will be given by the platform if the liquidity is locked for a certain period of time.
Following the successful application of Web 3.0 in the field of finance, the application of blockchain has become popular in other fields, namely the tokenization of a unique digital asset called NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Blockchain technology is applied for validating ownership of unique digital assets, namely by using public keys and private keys which facilitate a safe, instant and location-free buying and selling process. this makes the trading volume of NFTs start increasing in 2021 and reach a peak in early 2022 with total trades reaching 4.75 billion dollars.
On the one hand, DEX are applications that provide many real-life uses, namely providing convenience in crypto exchange, but most of these DEXes have complicated User Interfaces and are not user-friendly for novice users. This can be difficult for users who are not experienced with blockchain technology.
On the other hand, NFTs are blockchain applications that are fun in User Experience due to creative, unique and attractive designs, but the asset value is speculative as it is often determined by factors such as popularity/trend, rarity, associated artists/creators, and market demand . The use of NFT is still limited mainly to the world of digital art and virtual goods, it still needs further development to extend the use of NFT to other sectors of the economy and real life
In terms of the demographics of adopting Web 3.0 and Blockchain technology, 72% of crypto owners around the world are under 34 years old (centennial & millennial) based on research from, and that is a fairly the same wide age range for majority of Gamers based on
Project Monocerus is here to combine the three by utilizing Web3.0 technology and orchestrating it to present High-yield DeFi Application in an exciting user experience through NFT & MMORPG
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